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Smart Steps Shoe Appeal

Have ever gone to meeting or an important event with no shoes on?

If you have you would have a small insight in how these kids feel each day.  Having the correct footwear and increases the physical and mental health of a child, and their ability to participate in school activities.  Each year we support over 3000 students with shoes for school.

“I have a student that needs your help. His life has been plagued with domestic violence in the home. It is very important that he looks to be like the other students.  Daniel has been to school in winter in bare feet or with a pair of old canvas shoes which are far too big for him and have holes in the soles.  I would be delighted if you could help him.” – Anonymous teacher

Each day children go to school without appropriate footwear or any at all!

This impacts their time in the play ground with fellow students and their ability to participate in all school activities.

We need your help.

$50 is all it takes to put a pair of shoes on a child.

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