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The clk2sell app is an online market place to buy and sell pre-loved school uniforms. clk2sell now also allows users to buy and sell musical instruments and books, making it a one-stop shop for children’s school needs.

 There’s no better time than now to upload those unneeded items so that other parents can buy them in time for the new school year.

 Benefits of the clk2sell app:

  •        It’s free and all schools are pre-loaded on to the app
  •        You can save money on expensive school items
  •        You can make money from unwanted items
  •        It’s very simple and easy to use
  •        It saves time
  •       You can buy and sell in the comfort of your home at any time of the day


Close to 100 schools are now using the app. State Schools’ Relief (a supporter of the app) is encouraging more schools and parents to get on board to reap the benefits. “Parents are saving 50-70 per cent”, said State Schools’ Relief CEO, Stephen Iles.

 By being able to purchase school items at a reduced price helps reduce any financial barriers to a child’s education.

For schools, a promotional flyer can be used to promote to families, see flyer

For more information on the app, and how to download visit the clk2sell website

Hear about how the clk2sell works and the benefits experienced by parents and schools already using the app.